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Totteridge Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions Totteridge


Whether you're looking to accommodate your ever-growing family or maybe transform your unused loft space into a dream sports room, Apex Loft Conversions are here to help. Over the last few decades, we have helped many homeowners within the area to transform their loft space into a much more desirable space that has a purpose. If you’re curious to find out about how our expert team can best assist your project, we urge you to get in touch with us today by calling us directly on 01707 658604 or use our online contact form. We are more than happy to provide a FREE survey and comprehensive quotation without obligation which will also include a detailed floor plan with all enquiries.

Every step of the way, from start to finish, you can truly rely on Apex Loft Conversions to provide the best service. We are always on hand to answer any of your outstanding questions about planning permission requirements, lawful development certifications, building regulations and much more. Established in 1992, you can truly count on Apex Loft Conversions to create your dream loft!

The different types of loft conversions we offer include the following;-

Velux Loft Conversions Totteridge

Velux Loft Conversion Over the years, Apex Loft Conversions have been proud to work on and complete many Velux loft conversions in Totteridge and the surrounding areas. Velux loft conversions are the most commonly installed types of conversions that utilise the original shape and layout of the loft which therefore means there is minimal construction work involved as the structure of the roof is not changed at all. One of the main reasons for Velux loft conversions is to best allow increased light exposure into your building and attic whether it be converted to a bedroom, bathroom or other type of room.

Dormer Loft Conversions Totteridge

Dormer Loft Conversion Another type of loft conversion that we offer are dormer conversions that can drastically help to improve the exterior appearance of your home and also increase your home’s value. Here, dormer windows are added to the roof of a home and also help to create much more space on the top floor. The flat roof dormer is arguably one of the most commonly installed types of dormer which provides a simple structure that is added to the rear of the loft. Other dormer loft conversion options include the flat roof dormer and L-shaped dormer.

Hip To Gable Loft Conversions Totteridge

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion If your property has space-inhibiting hipped roofs, hip to gable loft conversions that we offer may be the best option available. Hip to gable loft conversions are known and proven to add extra room for new loft accommodation. A hip to gable loft conversion is a viable option to consider where a hipped roof effectively shrinks the usable floor area and restricts potential space. Hip to Gable conversions are particularly beneficial and popular for semi-detached properties and they are likely to take anywhere between 5-6 weeks to be fully complete.

Why Choose Us?

Apex Loft Conversions are well known for being the best loft conversion company in Totteridge and surrounding areas. From day one and from carrying out our very first loft conversion in 1992, we have continued to use only the best quality materials and trusted suppliers. Our skilful and dedicated team can design a loft conversion for you courtesy of our specialist residential architect which is included in our quotation. Alternatively, we are more than happy to work with plans drawn up by clients' preferred architects.

Benefits of loft conversions include;-

  • Custom-designed space.
  • Cost-effective option.
  • Avoid major disruption.
  • Creates rooms with a view.

Contact Apex Loft Conversions

Apex Loft Conversions have been converting attic space into more luxurious and liveable space with purpose for over three decades now and continue to offer an unrivalled service at competitive prices. Our workforce comprises long-standing employees and partners for all construction, electrics, plumbing and exterior roofing work.

If you’re looking to arrange your no-obligation FREE survey, get in touch with our expert and dedicated team at Apex Loft Conversions today. For more information or to discuss your personal requirements, call us directly on 01707 658 604. Alternatively, use our online contact form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!


How much do loft conversions cost?

There is no magic number for a loft conversion in Totteridge, purely because there are so many different variables involved in building a cost for a project. For example, you may be interested in a particular style of loft conversion using various materials with expensive finishes - this all begins to add up slowly. There is also the size of the conversion itself to consider, so there are lots of things that could change the price quite considerably. If we had to give a ballpark figure, we’d suggest around £30,000 - £50,000 would give you a wonderful loft conversion.

Do you offer creative ideas?

We certainly do, our team is amazing. Not to toot our own horn, but we really do have amazing staff and the proof is our stunning portfolio in Totteridge. We work collaboratively with you as the client to ensure your vision is met with both guidance and advice along the way. We work closely with you to suggest creative ways of meeting exactly what you want or at least very close to it.

Do you have any testimonials?

We have lots of positive testimonials from our wonderful clients and customers. We’ve been lucky enough (though we have worked hard for them) to receive some glowing reviews which we proudly present on our website, social media channels, and on TrustPilot.

Do you provide quotations?

Of course, we do. We want to be as open and transparent with you as possible which is why we visit and survey your loft before building a strong quotation with accurate measurements and costs. There is nothing ever hidden so the price you see is the price you’ll get, always.

Can you name your accreditations?

Apex Loft Conversions Totteridge are proud to be fully accredited members of the Guild Of Master Craftsman and we are also accredited as a certified Velux installer - something we’re extremely proud of.