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Potters Bar Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions Potters Bar


Welcome to Apex Loft Conversions - your expert loft conversion specialist serving Potters Bar and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable and experienced loft conversion company with over 30 years’ experience, we urge you to get in touch with us today. Over the last 30 years, we have converted a huge number of lofts in the area and had the pleasure to create some seriously stunning designs and living spaces. Our expert team can work with you to discuss your specific requirements, create extra living rooms and modernise your home without compromising on style and aesthetics. For more information, get in touch with our team today at Apex Loft Conversions today by calling us directly on 01707 658604 or use our online contact form!

You'll be pleased to know that loft conversions can be built all year round so there is no perfect time to convert, just whenever you are ready to do so. In the winter months, we use a system which ensures your home is never exposed to the weather at any time during the loft conversion works. We install a variety of different loft conversions including the following;-

Velux Loft Conversions Potters Bar

Velux Loft ConversionVelux loft conversions use the original layout and shape of your existing loft. It requires the least amount of construction and structural work out of our three types of loft conversion options as we simply add in specifically designed roof windows and a new structural floor to transform your attic into a comfortable living space. Velux roof windows are specifically designed for maximum daylight and plenty of ventilation whenever you want it. Furthermore, with the Velux loft conversion, no planning permission is required!

Dormer Loft Conversions Potters Bar

Dormer Loft Conversion This type of conversions consists of a structural extension which projects vertically from the slope of the existing roof that creates a box shape. This type of conversion requires more structural work * when compared to the Velux option, with a visible extension to the roof itself. If you're looking for more headroom and floor space within your current attic space, we highly recommend the dormer loft conversion with the flat roof being the most popular option.

Hip To Gable Loft Conversions Potters Bar

Hip to Gable Loft ConversionHip to Gable loft conversions in Potters bar are particularly design specific for semi and detached homes throughout Potters Bar and the surrounding areas. A lot of older and traditional properties have a sloped roof on one side which therefore makes it difficult to gain enough usable room for a loft conversion. However Apex constructed this particular type of conversion, extending the sloped side of the roof and replacing it with a vertical wall. This results in a Gable ended loft conversion for homeowners who may have once anticipated that their roof wasn’t suited to conversion.

Why Loft Conversions?

A recent study - carried out by the Nationwide Building Society - has shown that by converting a loft space, your house value can increase by as much as 20%. Loft conversions really have become a ‘go to’ option for homeowners who wish to extend their property space. Moreover, loft conversions are also proven to make your home far more energy efficient and help to reduce monthly bills. Investing in a loft conversion for your property may be an expensive upfront cost but it is a much cheaper option than selling your home and will save you an abundance of time and energy. When you choose Apex Loft Conversions - your expert loft conversion company in Potters Bar - you’ll have access to an array of outstanding designs, features and ideas from our architect.

Other benefits of choosing loft conversions include;-

  • Planning permission is rarely required.
  • Creates multiple-use rooms.
  • Increases energy efficiency.
  • Creates rooms with a view.
  • Variety of styles available.

Contact Apex Loft Conversions

If you decide you’d like to appoint us as your preferred loft conversion company, we ask for a small initial deposit. This allows us to instruct our architect to visit your home, discuss your loft conversion ideas and produce detailed architectural plans within a few weeks.

Get in touch today on 01707 658 604 for your FREE survey and comprehensive quotation including a detailed floor plan with all enquiries. Alternatively, use our online contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


How long will it take to complete?

Being totally transparent, there are a number of variables that may speed up or slow down the loft conversion process so it’s impossible to say definitively it will take ‘X' amount of time. For example, some factors like the length of time to produce architectural drawings, get materials delivered, or grant planning permission if needed in some rare cases and the list goes on. If we had to put a rough guide on time we would suggest on average it takes 6-8 weeks in Potters Bar which includes design and build, though like we say, this isn’t certain.

What is the best type of loft conversion?

This is a matter of opinion - what one person may not like, another person may love. However, we might suggest, due to your current building, that a particular type of loft conversion may be a better fit. Types of loft conversion include; dormer loft conversions, Velux loft conversions, hip to gable conversions, and more. In addition, if you have a pitched roof that you’re looking to extend, we would recommend a dormer loft conversion. Our team is always here to provide top-tier advice and offer our expertise to help make the best decision for you and your Potters Bar home.

Can loft conversions be built during the winter as well as summer?

Lost conversions are perfect for all year round and so they can also be built at any time of year. We carry out just as many loft conversions in the winter months as we do during the summer months. We’ve worked on many homes in Potters Bar at all points of the year and are able to cope with all weather conditions. Simply put, you can rely on us here at Apex Loft Conversions Potters Bar.

Are you sure MY loft can be converted?

We are 99.9% sure that your loft will be eligible for a loft conversion, though it is necessary to get it checked which we can do at the survey stage. It is usually possible due to the different types of loft conversion we can do such as dormers or Velux and so on. This is as long as there is scope to build and not breach planning or conversation guidelines. The general rule is that if we can measure up to 2.2 meters from the top of the existing ceiling joists, your property is likely to be eligible for conversion.

How do I obtain a FREE quote?

Getting a quote from us in Potters Bar is simple. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to speak to us about your project so we’ve got a couple of ways to contact us. Phone, email, social media or the form on our website, we will respond immediately with more information about a free quote.