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Loft Staircases

Loft Staircases

Our bedrooms portfolio shows how we’ve incorporated stairs in loft conversions

Apex Loft Conversions are able to design and construct space-saving loft staircases at properties throughout North London and Hertfordshire. Typically when we think of staircases, we think of them being located in the hallway but over the last decade or so, there has been a growing trend for loft staircases being incorporated into different areas of a property, specifically leading up to lofts and down to basements. Whether you’re looking for space-saving loft staircases, continuation of existing staircases or spiral staircases, we are here to help and best assist with your requirements. For more information, get in touch with us today on 01707 658604.

We are able to design loft staircases with real character with the help of our expert in-house architect. Our space-saving loft staircases are specifically designed to maximise floor space in your attic or basements whilst giving you permanent access to your new loft room whether that be a loft bathroom, loft bedroom or any other type of conversion. Our loft staircase designs truly give you access to your loft with ease and are the most practical option once your loft is in constant use as an office, bedroom or extra living space.

Loft Stairs vs Loft Ladders

If you are considering both options, we highly recommend loft stairs as the number one choice for loft conversion access. There are so many options to select from with loft staircases so whether you’re looking for traditional staircases, modern glass or a more stylish contemporary solution to match your existing interior, we can make sure you are 100% happy. Loft staircases can be effortlessly fitted with minimal fuss or disruption and the turnaround time is pretty impressive too with safety a top priority.

How Can Apex Loft Conversions Help?

Here at Apex Loft Conversions, we are able to install a wide range of loft staircases in North London and Hertfordshire at a range of different properties. We offer fantastic permanent staircase options that are highly functional and also very aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Whether you require brand new loft staircases installed or an extension and continuation of loft staircases that lead up to your loft or basement areas, we are here to help.

Get Started

If you’re looking to get started with your loft staircase design, we would love to hear from you and it all starts with a phone call to Apex Loft Conversions. We have years of experience in the industry and always go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Our team is more than happy to provide a FREE no-obligation survey and quotation after we have taken the time to understand your requirements better. Get in touch with Apex Loft Conversions today by using our online contact form or calling us directly on 01707 658604.