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Hertfordshire Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions Hertfordshire


Apex Loft and Roof Conversions is a professional loft conversion company in Hertfordshire, based in Potters Bar, and making dramatic home improvements for families throughout the villages and towns of South Hertfordshire. With over 30 years of experience, we are proud to provide a first-class loft conversion service that includes an initial free survey and comprehensive quotation without obligation. All quotations that we offer also include a detailed floor plan. Exceptional quality is present in everything that we do from start to finish and our consistent high standards across all projects and loft conversions make us the number one loft conversion company in Hertfordshire. For more information or get in touch with us today, call us now on 01707 658604 or use our online contact form.

We have a huge passion to help you create your dream loft. It’s no secret that loft conversions are now the most desired form of extending a home and we are proud to play a part in extending homeowners properties which helps to add both value and accommodates growing families. With the vast majority of loft conversions we offer, there is no requirement for planning permission which means little delay time which enables our team to get on with constructing your dream loft.

The different types of loft conversions we offer include the following;-

Velux Loft Conversions Hertfordshire

There are three different types of loft conversions but Velux loft conversions are arguably the most popular type of loft conversion due to the fact that they are highly affordable and fairly straightforward for our team to design, construct and implement. Moreover, Velux loft conversions are also highly versatile which is one of the main benefits of this type of loft conversion. If you’re looking to sell your property in the near future, Velux loft conversions are a fantastic way of adding value to your property. Velux loft conversions provide plenty of light and ventilation so they are ideal for offices, bedrooms and bathrooms. Planning permission isn’t always required as the structure of the roof is not altered in any way.

Dormer Loft Conversions Hertfordshire

Another popular type of loft conversion is the dormer loft conversion due to the versatility and cost-effectiveness of this choice and what it provides. Dormer loft conversions are particularly beneficial as they create lots of headroom so instead of having to potentially stoop or crouch under a sloped ceiling, a dormer loft conversion will increase your loft ceiling height and therefore better maximise your space. Apex Loft Conversions have been constructing and designing dormer loft conversions for over thirty years now and continue to help the local people of Hertfordshire to create their dream loft. Get the process started today by calling us directly!

Hip To Gable Loft Conversions Hertfordshire

Another potential option to consider is the hip to gable loft conversion type. The hip to gable loft conversion is a popular option for properties that have space-limiting hipped roofs. With the way that this type of loft conversion is constructed, it helps to accommodate for extra room and much more headroom too. Hip to gable loft conversions hardly ever require planning permission but this will be of course be checked by our team at Apex Loft Conversions with the local authorities to ensure we can go ahead.

Loft Conversions Hertfordshire - Why Choose Us?

When choosing a loft conversion company in Hertfordshire, it’s important to select a company that has an already established positive reputation. Thankfully, Apex Loft Conversions are proud to be the number one company in the area with decades of experience. We are also more than happy to go through every detail with you before you even decide to go ahead. Whatever questions you have, we will take the time to answer and ensure you have the clarity you’re looking for. Apex Loft Conversions offer a highly professional service.

Contact Apex Loft Conversions

Have you been dreaming of your dream loft for years but are yet to do anything about it? If so, it's time to take action today. We’re recommended for the quality of our work and the open, honest and complete dependability of our service. See our testimonials for honest client reviews of our work. Get in touch with us today directly by calling us on 01707 658604 so that we can arrange a no-obligation site survey and discuss your personal requirements. Alternatively, if you prefer to email, use our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Converting loft space for over 20 years

Our team has been converting lofts in Hertfordshire for more than twenty years, and we have a dedicated architect to design attic conversions for those householders who prefer a united approach to converting their loft space into useful living quarters

If you’d like general information and advice on attic conversion regulations and planning, and the role that specialist loft conversion companies should play in local authority liaison, please visit our FAQs.

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look through our gallery of converted lofts, and if you’d like a quote, please contact us for a free survey to find out whether your house is suitable for a loft conversion.

Areas covered in Hertfordshire:

  • Borehamwood
  • Goffs Oak
  • London Colney
  • St Albans
  • Brookmans Park
  • Harpenden
  • Potters Bar
  • Waltham Cross
  • Cheshunt
  • Hatfield
  • Radlett
  • Watford
  • Cuffley
  • Hertford
  • Shenley
  • Welwyn Garden City


How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost?

Each type of loft conversion varies in price. It also depends on factors such as the height of conversions, the finishing touches, and more. Here at Apex Loft Conversions, we are very transparent and competitive with our prices so we’ll always keep you informed regarding cost from the very start of proceedings. Dormer Loft Conversions tend to be the most expensive type of loft conversion due to most construction work being required. The most cost-effective type of loft conversion is the Velux Loft Conversion.

Can I Use My Own Plans?

Yes, of course. Although we have some fantastic ideas ourselves from our vast experience, we are always fully open to taking on ideas from our clients. Building and designing your loft conversion should be exciting and that’s why we are more than happy for you to get involved with the design process and put forward any plans or ideas you may have. Likewise, if you don’t have any loft conversion ideas whatsoever, there’s no need to worry as we have 101 ideas up our sleeve.

How Do I Know My Loft Can Be Converted?

It’s very likely that your loft conversion can be converted. Before any plans or construction work goes ahead, we will have to make sure that there is a minimum requirement of 2.2 metres from the floor to the highest points in your loft. Our team will also evaluate the structure of your loft to check that there is enough room for extending your roof and carrying out the relevant construction works. If you’re confused about your loft being suitable for conversion, just give us a call and we’ll arrange a site survey for you.

Will A Loft Conversion Add Value To My Property?

Yes, it will. Many people decide to extend into their loft space as opposed to moving house and it is more than worthwhile for many properties. As a general rule of thumb, loft conversions usually add anywhere between 10-20% to the value of your home. However, this can depend on the type of loft conversion that you decide to go ahead with, options including Velux, Dormer, and Hip To Gable Loft Conversions.

What Areas Do You Cover in Hertfordshire?

Here at Apex Loft Conversions, we cover the vast majority of areas in Hertfordshire including Borehamwood, Cheshunt, Cuffley, Hatfield, Potters Bar, St Albans, and surrounding areas.

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