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Here at Apex Loft Conversions, we design and construct loft conversions in Bounds Green and the surrounding areas. We are able to complete loft conversions on many different types of properties due to our vast experience and wealth of knowledge. With over 30 years in business, Apex Loft Conversions have the capabilities to convert a loft into a variety of different types of rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, TV rooms or home offices. Our creative architect will work with you to come up with the best design to fully utilise the space and to meet your requirements. To find out more information, please get in touch with us today directly on 01707 658 604 or use the ccontact form where our advisors will respond promptly.

Your loft conversion will be completed by fully trained and experienced professionals who take pride in what they do. We take charge of the full end to end process and we even have our own in house specialist residential architect who oversees the project designs. We ensure all of our work is compliant with legal and planning regulations.

Some of the different loft conversions we offer are as follows:

Velux Loft Conversions Bounds Green

Velux Loft Conversion Velux loft conversions are often the easiest to integrate into your current house. They very rarely require any planning permission because there’s no change to the actual shape of your house, so they often have the shortest project timescales. They work by adding windows to the roof to make the loft space as light and airy as desired. Loft conversions using Velux are often most suited to home offices and bathrooms as there won’t necessarily be a flat wall to put furniture in associated with a bedroom such as wardrobes.

Dormer Loft Conversions Bounds Green

Dormer Loft Conversion Installing a Dormer loft conversion adds space to the loft area by adding a box shape structure to the roof. This creates a space that can be better utilised, most commonly we see bedrooms being installed using this type of conversion. We offer flat-roof, bungalow, L-shaped and pitched dormers, our design team will be able to make recommendations so you can get the best out of your conversion.

Hip To Gable Loft Conversions Bounds Green

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion This type of conversion works by extending your property by replacing the sloping roof with a vertical wall, also known as a gable. Similar to a dormer loft conversion, it creates much more space for larger furniture.

Benefits Of Loft Conversions

Deciding on a loft conversion for your property will reap many benefits. The main to note is that the conversion will add significant space to your property, often creating a large room as the loft is essentially the footprint of the building. You also have the ability to fully customise the room with the help of our design team, which often isn’t the case as when you move into a property, most rooms are already fully decorated and complete. Loft conversions will also add value to your property, it’s worth noting that conversions that incorporate a bedroom or a bathroom can add up to 21% to a properties overall value!

Contact Apex Loft Conversions

If you are considering a loft conversion, Apex Loft Conversions in Bounds Green can service your conversion. We have over 30 years experience in business so you can be sure our team has the knowledge and skill set to convert your loft to a high standard. The space will be a fully usable space tailored to your requirements at a fixed cost so there are no hidden fees at the end of the project. If you would like to find out any more information, call us directly today on 01707 658 604 or use the contact form where our team will respond promptly.


What is a Dormer Window?

A roof dormer window adds living space to a loft conversion with a pitched roof. It’s the exterior part of the conversion; a square or rectangular section construction providing headroom beyond the slope of the ceiling and finished with a vertical window.

With the added space, there are lots of creative freedoms to be had which we’d be delighted to talk to you about at the quotation stage. Equally important, is the proportion of the dormer conversion against the size of your roof and the width and height of your house. It’s a fine balance getting more floor space and headroom in the attic conversion plans while still maintaining an original and as natural appearance as possible from the outside. Let us know exactly what you’re after and we will see what we can do.

How does the process at Apex work?

Much like in many industries, there are unfortunately some ‘cowboys’ in our industry too. This is why we stress that it is incredibly important to do your homework on the company before accepting to go with them. Having a house extension of any kind can be really exciting but you’re right to feel slightly apprehensive at the same time. In our experience, there are lots of builders that claim to be able to do loft conversions but really it’s just a below-average ‘add-on’ to their service. The key to it is asking all the right questions when you’re doing your research.

We are proud of what we do and have a growing portfolio of work to show for it. We have a solid builts reputation in Bounds Green and enjoy standing out from the crowd. We have had numerous amazing testimonials written for us and had lots of referred business from people in the area too. We have a tried and tested formula and process that works so let us tell you a little bit about it.

Upon your inquiry, we will take an initial booking on an arranged day and time to visit your home and come and look at your potential loft conversion space. This allows us to discuss your requirements and we can then carry out a small survey and take some measurements. After deciding what sort of space you’d like to explore with your conversion and taking into account all the things we’ve seen, we can now go back to our office in Bounds Green and build a detailed quotation for you. This will be back to you within one week.

If you decide you’d like to appoint us as your preferred loft conversion company, we ask for an initial deposit of just 5% of the quoted loft conversion cost. This allows us to get the ball rolling with our architect who will visit and produce some detailed architectural plans within a few weeks. This deposit also means we can schedule an approximate start date and build time. We’ll then contact you a month before two dates: the erection of scaffolding and a confirmed start date shortly after. This way, the start date means the start of the loft conversion itself.

Our owner and MD, Daniel, has upheld the highest of standards in converting lofts and because he still loves the hands-on approach, he is on-site with every project, working alongside the team. It’s this level of care and attention that keeps us going. We will be with you every step of the loft conversion process and even once the job is finished, providing excellent aftercare too. We really do hope you choose to work with us here at Apex Loft Conversions.

How long will a loft conversion take to complete?

Generally speaking, a rear dormer loft conversion on a terraced property will take four to five weeks to complete and a gable-end and rear dormer conversion on a semi-detached property will take five to six weeks to complete. Although we are confident in these time frames, it has to be noted that there are certain things that can both speed up or slow down the process, adverse weather being one.

Do loft conversions need planning permission?

In years gone by yes, but now, planning permission is no longer needed in most cases for a loft conversion. On the 1st of October 2008, the planning laws for loft conversions in England and Wales changed significantly. Before then, a Total Permitted Development (PD) allowance was granted on a property to allow it to be extended before it would require planning permission: a maximum of 50 cubic metres for a terraced home and 70 cubic metres for a semi-detached home. A loft conversion could be constructed up to a volume of 40 cubic metres for a terraced property and 50 cubic metres for semi-detached before it required planning permission.

These maximum figures still do apply to loft conversions though. But before the law changed, if you already had a ground floor extension then the volume of the extension would be subtracted from the loft conversion allowance, which meant that in a lot of cases seeking planning permission for attic conversions was inevitable.

In addition, getting planning permission under old restrictions was always a minefield since different local authorities had different criteria on planning regulations. Under the new simplified planning laws, only a few loft conversions need planning permission.

How big is your business?

We have a company structure whereby smaller teams work within our business and above all, each person has the correct attitude to get the job done well. No matter how big or small your project is, we will have a solution for you and the staff to match.