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Frequently Asked Questions

After giving planning permission, is the local authority involved?
If so, how?

The local authority is involved from the start to the finish of the roof conversion. But don’t worry - we take care of it all for you.

First of all the local authority receives the plans from the architect and checks all the structural calculations through the Borough Engineer’s department.

Once these have been confirmed, along with all the relevant building regulations for loft conversions, an approved set of plans are returned and we can start converting your loft.

During the various stages of loft conversion construction, a building’s inspector from the local authority arrives to make sure all the structural work adheres to guidelines and building regulations are being carefully followed. Once we’ve finished the loft conversion, a final inspection is carried out.

Once the project is confirmed as meeting all the requirements, a completion certificate is sent to you, the homeowner, confirming that your loft conversion complies with the building regulations covering England and Wales.

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Planning your loft conversion