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Choosing The Best Loft Conversion Flooring

A fundamental part of any type of loft conversion is quality loft flooring. There are multiple options to choose from that should be carefully considered. Here at Apex Loft Conversions, we are more than happy to provide all customers with a no-obligation quotation that includes floor plans, and we are also happy to discuss all potential options.

Within this post, we will be outlining the FOUR main types of flooring to consider. Each of the four main types of flooring is the most commonly installed across a number of projects that we have been involved with throughout North London and Hertfordshire.


Many of our customers decide on carpet when it comes to loft conversions. This is largely down to the fact that carpet creates that cozy and warm space that many homeowners are looking for in their lofts. Carpet is arguably the best option if you're converting your existing loft space into another bedroom as it offers sound insulation and is less expensive than other flooring alternatives such as tiling. Moreover, choosing carpet for your loft conversion will also create that visual appearance you may be looking for. And of course, with carpet, you have so many different options and colours to choose from.


Tiling is another great option for many homeowners looking to convert their loft. Tiling is regularly installed for bathroom loft conversions to create that stylish and aesthetic appearance you may be seeking. Another reason that tiling may be the best option - or at least one of the best to consider - is due to the fact that they are really easy to repair and clean. Compared to other flooring options, they also don't scratch easily and last longer than many flooring alternatives. Furthermore, there is a range of colours and styles available to suit your preferences and requirements.


Laminate flooring is arguably the best choice for bedrooms and additional living space. Laminate is also a popular option for games rooms, playrooms, and also children's rooms. This option is extremely versatile and rather surprisingly, it's not as expensive as many first anticipate. Although it's not wood, it does mimic the aesthetic appearance of wood and tends to last longer too. Just like the above options - carpet and tiling - there is a multitude of styles and colours to suit your ideal design for your loft conversion. Perhaps the only downfalls of Laminate, when compared to alternate flooring options, is the fact that it is not able to be refinished.

Solid Wood Flooring

Another option for loft conversion flooring to consider is Solid Wood Flooring. This can be a beautiful flooring option that really catches the eye and provides real quality. Solid Wood Flooring is a particularly popular flooring option for children's playrooms, games rooms, and additional living space or bedrooms. This type of flooring is also known to add significant value to your property so if you're looking to sell your property further down the line, you can be sure that your overall property value will be increased as a result. Moreover, another fantastic benefit of Solid Wood Flooring is the fact that it can be sanded down and refinished if it starts to wear or fade in the years to come which is a much cheaper option than new flooring.

What Is The Best Flooring?

The best flooring for your loft conversion will largely depend on the area you have to work with and also the type of room that you're looking to design and construct. If you are unsure of the type of flooring that is most ideal for your loft conversion, our loft conversion specialists are here to offer impartial advice, tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

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