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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

A house extension of any kind is enormously exciting, but we understand that it can also be an anxious process, not least because of the large sums of money involved to realise your dreams. So it’s absolutely vital you research the local loft conversion market. You’ll find plenty of builders advertising themselves as loft conversion companies, but you need to be completely confident in the loft conversion company you decide to work with on this most important of projects.

A successful and unblemished track record is rarer than you might think among loft conversion companies. We’re proud to stand apart from the competition. Our long standing in the North London and Hertfordshire loft conversion marketplace, and the numerous testimonials and referred business we receive provide invaluable reassurance of our commitment to quality and the improvement of our clients’ homes.

Step by step to your loft conversion.

We’ll confirm a convenient day or evening time for our managing director, Richard Lever, to visit you in your home. The home visit allows us to discuss your needs in as much depth as you would like and to carry out a survey of the loft space and assess potential loft conversion design ideas. Hopefully you’ll have looked at some of the many loft conversion examples in our portfolio already, and perhaps have your own wish-list of ideas already. Depending of course on the size of your attic space, our visit should take no longer than half an hour.

From our discussions and the loft inspection, we produce our detailed quotation within a week. We can provide this by email or by post if you prefer.

If you decide you’d like to appoint us as your preferred loft conversion company, we ask for an initial deposit of just 5% of the quoted loft conversion cost. This allows us to instruct our architect to visit your home, discuss your loft conversion ideas and produce detailed architectural plans within a few weeks. The deposit also allows us to schedule an approximate start date and build time. We’ll then contact you a month before two dates: the erection of scaffolding and a confirmed start date shortly after. This way, the start date means the start of the loft conversion itself.

Our craftsmanship and care are our reputation and our future, and we leave nothing to chance. Our owner and MD, Richard, has upheld the highest standards in converting lofts since founding Apex in 1992, and because he still loves the hands-on approach, he is on-site with every project, working alongside the team.

Our workforce comprises long-standing employees and partners for all construction, electrics, plumbing and exterior roofing work, all overseen on-site by Richard. There’ll never be an unfamiliar face working on your attic conversion; even our plasterers (the only trade we subcontract) are people we’ve worked closely with for many years.

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